Leaf Collection


The Tullahoma Public Works Department will end the leaf pickup for the season on March 1, 2024. Citizens are free to rake their leaves as close to the curb as possible; however, leaves cannot be placed in ditches or in the streets due to safety hazards. If citizens are going to rake leaves to the curb, the city requests that the piles not exceed 2 feet in depth; not be placed more than 5 feet away from the curb or shoulder; not block storm drain inlets; and not contain tree limbs, stumps, or any other debris, as it may damage equipment or injure employees. 

Service Types

The City provides leaf collection services between the months of October and February, depending on conditions necessitating the service. The Department offers two types of service, collection for loose leaves and for bagged leaves.

Bagged Leaves

Citizens will receive prompt service for leaves that are bagged. Bagged leaves must be in biodegradable bags that can be bought at City Hall, located at 201 W Grundy Street. Other acceptable bags are the thick paper bags available at retailers such as Home Depot or Lowe's  Bags should be placed curbside for easy collection. After bagging the leaves call Public Works at (931) 454-1768 for pickup. Please see that the bags do not exceed 50 lbs.

Loose Leaves

Loose leaves are collected by staff as quickly as possible; however due to the large volume, wait times can be extensive. Collection begins sometime in October, depending on conditions necessitating the service. Routes are run three times during the season.

Remember, leaves must be kept separate from other items such as rocks, limbs or other materials that will damage our equipment. Leaves should be raked near the road but out of drainage ditches. Leaves raked into the street will not be collected and are a violation of City ordinance.


For questions pertaining to leaf collection contact the Public Works Department by calling (931) 454-1768.

Leaf Collection Route MapCollection Routes

Collection routes are posted on this page during the leaf collection season: