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How to Recycle in Tullahoma

Residential curbside recycling for plastic (we now accept plastics #1 and #2), aluminum cans, tin and bi-metal food cans, newsprint and corrugated cardboard is collected from home addresses weekly coinciding with regularly scheduled garbage collection days. Please:

  • Sort and bag items per category
  • Break down corrugated cardboard

Place recyclables curbside by 6 am on the morning of your pick-up.

Commercial Service

Commercial cardboard is collected from commercial customers at no cost to the business.

Colored Stackable Plastic Totes filled with separated recyclablesSeparation Methods

Recyclables should be separated by material and left at the curb. People use a variety of different methods, including:

  • A single container with the materials separated in individual bags
  • Plastic containers containing separated materials
  • Stackable totes of individual materials
  • Containers that separate the materials into individual bags which can be placed at the curb

Recycle Containers Available

For your convenience, recycle bins are located at Public Works.  Please call (931) 454-1768 to check availability.