Residential Garbage

The City has three automated trucks that operate Tuesday through Friday to collect solid waste. Each household within the City is provided with a 96 gallon trash container that is emptied each week by automated garbage trucks. Residential solid waste collection is provided through property taxes and there is no charge for a single container. If households require an additional container, it is available at a cost of $52.76 per six months.

Trash should be bagged and placed in containers. Containers should be placed curbside by 6 am the day of pickup, and containers should be removed by 6 pm that same day.

Please Note:  

Make sure your garbage cart is turned with the opening facing the street.  Please allow 3 feet of clearance on either side of cart for automated arms to pick up and empty cart.  


For questions pertaining to residential solid waste collection call the Public Works Department at 931-454-1768.

Residential Garbage Collection Tips

We have provided example images of garbage carts that will not be emptied. Please be sure that your cart closes and that the garbage is in a bag with the top securely fastened.

Overfilled Garbage Cart
Overfilled Garbage Carts with Loose Items