Home Fire Safety Inspection

Each year, the majority of all U.S. fire deaths occur in one-and two-family dwellings (Fire Protection Handbook, 17th edition). In Tullahoma all dwellings, new and existing, must be protected by approved properly installed residential-type smoke detectors. The Tullahoma Fire Department offers free home fire safety inspections to assist homeowners and tenants. The home visit includes understanding the nature of fire behavior, how to prevent unwanted fires, emergency egress of the building, and conducting exit drills in the home.

To arrange for a home fire safety inspection please contact Community Risk Reduction Coordinator MeLissa Allen. For more information on home fire safety, please view our Home Fire Safety Checklist (PDF).

Replacing Smoke Detectors

When do I need to replace my smoke detector? The Tullahoma Fire Department wants to remind our citizens that smoke alarms require periodic replacement. The service life of Ionization style detectors is ten years from the manufacture date of the unit. The expiration date is on the detector. Look for it on the body under the cover or on its back. It may require removal of the unit to find it. Do not trust that the test sound is a sign that the unit will function during a fire if the unit is beyond its service life. "This can be a fatal mistake," warns Retired Chief Richard Shasteen. The Tullahoma Fire Department asks you to check your unit and share this information with family members and friends. You may be saving a life!