Tullahoma Municipal Airport

Tullahoma Municipal Airport has been recognized as a winner of the Tennessee Aeronautics Division "Red Carpet Award" and has state of the art facilities, including a new, modern terminal which opened in 2010.

It has three runways including one that is 5,500 feet long, capable of handling all types of corporate jet aircraft. The others are a 4,200 foot paved runway and a 2,700 foot long turf runway. A variety of VOR, GPS, and NDB instrument approaches are published for both paved runways and offer the lowest GPS approach ceiling and visibility minimums in this region of Tennessee.

The airport completed a $4.3 million paving project in 2008 that significantly enhances the airport's ability to support a wide variety of business and air traffic. Jet-A and AVGAS fuel trucks are available along with competitive fuel prices.

The airport is home to over 142 based aircraft and has 30,00 flight operations each year, making it one of the busiest small airports in the state of Tennessee. The airport has hosted three world class air shows including the United States Air Force Thunderbirds in conjunction with the Arnold Air Force Base.

Additional Features

The Beechcraft Heritage Museum, the University of Tennessee Flight Research Center, Vanderbilt University Life Flight facility, and Northern Field Aviation are based at the airport.

In 2013, lots for aviation and aerospace projects will be available in the Tullahoma Airport Business Park.

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