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1. When is City Hall open?
2. Where can I pay my city and county taxes?
3. Where do I call for Police Assistance?
4. When is traffic court and where do I go? Where can I pay my ticket?
5. How do I dispose of old prescription drugs?
6. How Do I obtain an Accident or Offense Report?
7. When is curbside recycling pick-up?
8. Do I need a permit for a Burglar Alarm?
9. When and how do I register to vote?
10. How do I obtain auto license tags and a Tennessee drivers license?
11. How do I apply for a job with the City of Tullahoma?
12. Where do I obtain a city business license?
13. How do I receive a building permit or request an inspection?
14. Where do I obtain zoning information, floodplain information or a 911 address?
15. When is garbage collection for my street or business address?
16. Where do I call to adopt a pet or report a stray animal?
17. Where do I call with a tree-related question?
18. Where do I obtain permission to burn leaves on my property?
19. Where do I report needed street repairs or drainage problems?